Best Website Strategies

AVWebmaster Strategy and ConsultingAlong with the quality of your service or product as well as your Customer Service Relations, your internet presence via your website is one of the major cornerstones of your business.

That means that it’s more than simple social media, more than a DIY Website and more than paying to be included in the best directories.

In today’s market, without a long history of dedicated customers, consumers expect you to have a website in addition to the reputation.

This is where Wagner’s Web Designs serves you–in a broad swath of assistance with you and your internet presence.

You might think, “Well I’m doing fairly well with Facebook or Google Plus”. That’s great. But what are you going to do when you accidentally violate their terms of service and they shut your page down?

Call customer support at Facebook? Good luck with that. We’ve seen it happen and it puts a halt to any online business when it does.

That’s why you need a single source of information, education and inspiration that can be found everywhere and contains your documents, specials, reviews and referrals.

It must be professional, easy to navigate, clear in concept.


  1. Does it say exactly who you are and what you do?
  2. Does it provide the proper groundwork upon which all else hinges?
  3. Does it make YOU the expert, the guru, and the go-to-guy for your products and/or services?

Here’s where we help at all levels:

• If you don’t have a website and need to get one
• If you have a website and wish to grow it more professionally
• If you have a fair website and wish to expand it in many directions–I’m ready to “crush it” in my industry.
• If you are totally confused and simply need to get some feedback

Branding And Reputation Are Tied To Your Website


Is your brand as obvious as Coke on your websiteWhen you brand your image you are making a statement about who you are, what you stand for. It is the quintessential identifier about you and your business. Your logo should be simple and easily recognizable.

Consider how well known the Nike logo is, or the Coca-Cola logo.

The secret to good branding is it must go on every piece of literature and advertising that you put into public view, direct or online.

We highly recommend having it done professionally. And that doesn’t mean it has to be expensive. If you are starting out you can have a great logo made for about $100 at 48hourslogo. Here you will get a chance to have many submissions where you get to decide and interact with multiple designers. You pay only one at the end and they deliver your logo in all forms: .jpg, .png., .eps, black and white and split into components from a photoshop.psd (to use say on Facebook).

When your Mission & Vision Statements are clear and your business plan is in place we recommend meeting with a graphic artist who will take the time to get to know you and your business. We know several when you’re ready!


5-star reputation for you and your website with Wagner's Web DesignsWith your foundation in place you can move ahead with your reputation.

Ideally, you would want what is called a 5-Star Reputation. That is where you have been collecting the best testimonials, where your clients have been quite satisfied with your work and appreciate it with rating you with the highest marks–5 Stars.

And remember, with some effort, even a bad reputation can be reversed!

As you collect more and more 5-star ratings, you can publish them collectively (we’ll show you how).

We show you how to overcome these common issues:

  • Your company is not listed on the appropriate directory sites
  • Company has multiple bad reviews & poor or no ratings
  • Company does not have enough reviews to be trusted
  • Company has no reviews
  • Company has no reputation monitoring system
  • Company has no review posting strategy

These are just a few of the common issues that companies may have.

The Website

Wagner's Web Designs Will Build Your Website For Optimum ResultsWhile classic sites are generally simpler and more appropriate for entrepreneurs and small businesses, corporate sites are often bigger and bolder and “make a statement”.

Both can, and should, be effective!

To build an engaging effective website you must use certain features and ignore others.

What to Use on your Website

You want to have a clear and concise home page.

Your home page is like your front door–it must be attractive and inviting, without being overwhelming. Too much information all at once shuts most people down.

And a confused mind says “No” and “Goodbye” or at the very least, “Not Now!

To get the visitor to dig deeper, you must entice them with questions, or excite them with stories or offers.

Remember, your webmaster’s job is to construct a website that will DRAW VISITORS IN AND KEEP THEM.

Finally, each additional page on your website should have at least one call to action. What is it that you want your reader to do next? A clear statement is vital at keeping them on your pages.

Again, your website demonstrates your expertise and professionalism, it’s important that you make it count!

Your Website is a Storefront

Storefronts600Your website is a Storefront. And, as you may already guess, it is the most important storefront you have. But it is not the only storefront where your online presence will benefit.

Again, a Storefront is anywhere where you have presence on the internet.

Beyond your website, Directories are the 2nd type of Storefront.

Examples of Directories are Yelp, Yellow Pages, ANYWHERE where you are going to put in your Name, Address, and Phone number (NAP) to register your reputation online.

Google 7-pack dentists SFDirectories are used to get into the Google 7-Pack (on your left). You have to remember that getting placed there is sometimes easy (if there are less than 7 listings already there) or difficult, as you can see here.

In either case, you CAN GET THERE and dominate your industry. We’ll show you the many ways that will get you into the 7-Pack (or more formally known as Google Business.

Here’s some other Directory sites. How many are YOU in?

If you are not in “enough” (which changes periodically, so the optimum is to be in as many as applicable), it will take time to get you there. You CAN do it yourself however, if the task is too overwhelming, we can help.

  • Foursquare
  • LinkedIn

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) & Your Website

Search Engine Optimization for Your Website with Wagner's Web DesignsSEO is the quick way of communicating “Search Engine Optimization”. That means using your most important keywords and keyword phrases on your storefronts to tell the Google engine (or any other search engine) how it should be viewing YOU in the scheme of things.

Remember, because Google is an ENGINE, just like any engine, you can tell it what to look for your on your website when it visits, what’s important, the “right” and best placement of those elements, and the best strategy to build your rankings.

You may have heard of Pay-Per-Click, which is a paid strategy for getting the same result. But, as it says, it’s a paid service (called Adwords provided by Google or Facebook Advertising by Facebook).

While a business will often use this strategy initially or when the company needs to ensure 1st place placement, the type of SEO we prefer to work toward is “Organic SEO”. This happens when many elements are in place and then Google rewards your efforts with higher page ranking position.

Best Social Strategies Beyond Your Website

Social MediaFinally there is Social Media which means many things to many people.

Most people think of services like Facebook, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter as some of the top options for Social Media.

However, there are many more.

Moreover, “social media” is much more than even consistent posting to one or more of these sites and the strategies for using them to their full potential are almost mind-blowing.

Once you have presence in social media, you can begin working it in such a way as to improve your rankings–both in page rank and the Google 7-pack.

Here is a tip, whenever you make a post on a directory, ALWAYS make sure that your Name, Address and Phone number are written exactly the same way. That includes commas and periods.

We’ve provided you with a few tips along the way and look forward to seeing how we can serve you in the future.

Call 805.300.9505 today or contact us for a free consultation to discuss where you are and where you want to be.